WANT TO SPEAK WELL? What Matters’ Put Your Point In Place™ system will show you how to organize your thoughts, make your messages memorable and get action from any audience.  If you’ve got important connections to make and content to convey, let us help you using:

  • Group training on the PIP™ system (sessions as short as 90 minutes, as long as an entire day and a half, where every person creates and and delivers their own speech). Participants learn
    • Why a powerful point of view needs to be your first message  and a call to action your last
    • How three key points are essential to reaching any audience
    • What stories you can tell to create a bridge with your listeners and how to do it
  • 1:1 coaching, where we directly partner with a senior leader to shape content and flow, craft a powerful metaphor, identify words that will work, and rehearse what will become “the best presentation of their life” until they are 100% confident it will be just that.
  • Small group or 1:1 communications coaching, designed for the person whose connections are typically too titled towards the left brain and want/need to become more able to motivate, persuade, inspire their listeners by increasing their right brained presence.