Coaching Focus Areas

Executive Speaking

  • Switch uncomfortable communicators and sweaty-palmed speakers into solid connectors whose messages are heard, understood and acted on

Executive Leadership

  • Convert leaders who “act” like they’re in charge of others into principled change agents who lead themselves first

Executive Strategy

  • Transform professionals into competent, confident, consistent revenue generators who focus on guiding the buyers’ decisions instead of thinking it’s all about them

If you’re in a position that requires you to lead others— clients, colleagues, direct reports, even family members —let us help you using:

  • A high energy workshop for your organization or association
  • A mini-retreat (we call them advances), with a focus on self-leadership as the first step in organizational change
  • 1:1 or small group coaching
  • The model of your choice

Our Expertise

  • Expedited executive onboarding and integrate individuals newly promoted to the C-Suite
  • Enhanced executive presence and/or emotional intelligence
  • Encouragement for long term behavioral change
  • Energetic employee engagement and commitment

Betsy is pure marketing genius. She understands how to take an idea and turn it into a story that generates interest and creates excitement. She is creative while simultaneously understanding the necessary steps that have to occur to achieve business objectives. Betsy is a mentor, teacher, great speaker, and an authentically genuine good person. Do what you can to get Betsy, because if you do, you and your company will reach new heights.

Sam Richter, CEO, SBR Worldwide

Dynamo! Experienced high-energy speaker and coach. She understands business, self-marketing, entrepreneurship and true personal branding. You’ll put into practice what you learned. What Matters is more than a name, it is a best practice.

Bob Rasmussen, President, Boot Camp for Small Business